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Custom furniture:

Start with whatever inspires you — something you see on a website, a picture from a magazine, something in a friend’s home, that Queen Anne lowboy you’ve always wanted… Please contact me to discuss your needs… Whether a small end table, a dining table and chairs, a desk for your home office or a bedroom set.

Size, color and wood type are completely up to you. From there, we refine the design incorporating the functionality you want want with the traditional joinery and construction techniques to last a lifetime — and beyond… With everything set, you get a quote and estimated delivery date…

The building process begins with scaled drawings and hardwood selection. We pay close attention to selecting wood that matches in color and grain type to ensure the best overall look in your piece or pieces of furniture In most cases, the wood is consecutively cut from the same log to ensure a nice grain and color match throughout your piece. All of our furniture is built using time tested, traditional methods and joinery, that ensure this piece will still be around generations from now.  Once your piece is completely made, the finishing process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, this allows for the finish to properly cure before we prepare your furniture for delivery to your home or office.

Contact me with any questions you might have or if you would like to discuss details further. We have wood, finish, and stain samples available. We look forward to hearing from you.


Only the finest hardwoods are used — period.  Lumber is purchased for each piece in a flitch.  This means all the wood is sawn from the same log for consistent grain and color throughout the piece. We are fortunate to have the two most respected hardwood dealers in North America within driving distance: Irion Lumber and Hearne Hardwoods… This means the logs are of the highest quality available.

The woods most commonly selected are Black Walnut, Honduran Mahogany, Tiger Maple, Cherry, Curly Cherry and Birdseye Maple.  We have our secondary woods custom sawn, most commonly poplar and quarter-sawn for straight grain, stability and overall color throughout.  If you have any questions regarding woods, or want something special on a piece of furniture just ask.


We work with you to understand what you need from a piece of furniture and what type of protection you would need based on that.  We design a finish schedule to achieve a balance between depth, beauty and patina, with protection that meets your needs.  We also custom mix our own colors, and will send samples prior to finishing.


Small decorative, occasional and accessory pieces are typically available for immediate Gallery purchase. At the present, we have one East-coast dealer and working on a second.

Lead times for custom pieces can range from 12 weeks to 18 months. Your furniture is worth the wait.


Prices vary by size, type of wood, finish used, overall complexity and time involved. Most pieces are commissioned, but smaller pieces are built for Gallery sales and may be available in the shop and will be marked “currently available” on the portfolio page.


Once the details have been finalized, a 20% to 40% (depending project size and wood type) deposit is required to cover materials.   The balance will be due upon completion, prior to delivery (if being shipped). There is a 2.5% percentage charged for credit card payments that is not included in a quote.


The completed piece can also be be picked up at our shop.  We also offer free delivery within 25 miles. In some cases we will deliver furniture ourselves to other New England and Mid-Atlantic areas, at a reasonable rate. For larger pieces, we ship nationwide white-glove service. For smaller items such as end tables we can use a common carrier. We only get reimbursed for actual shipping costs…

Lifetime Guarantee:

We guarantee our furniture against defects in craftsmanship and material for a lifetime.  All furniture is constructed with allowances for normal seasonal wood movement. We go to great lengths to ensure long-term stability. We use time-tested joinery and construction technique on all pieces.  If cared for properly, the pieces should last for generations.  If an unfortunate problem should arise, I will work with you to understand and correct whatever the issue may be. There is no guarantee for extreme conditions that can sometimes be present in homes. We can discuss problematic areas and things to avoid so you can prevent these situations.